District Leader Jacob McCloud


  • Jake Car

    Jake McCloud

    Played by Billiam
  • Picture Used, Hayden Christensen, Actor
  • Created March 7th 2009
  • Primary Character
  • Current, Never retired


Commentary by Billiam

Jake was not only my first character, but he was the one I learned to write with. Jake's emotional development from a violent, idealistic, force of energy into a more restraned and realistic person has been the development of me as a writer. Jake is full of flaws, messy, but fundementally wants to be good and helpful. He will always be around because he represents the urge to do good and what happens when we go too far in that pursuit. Jake's vanity and violent impulses remind us that good people can have very dark places.

Influence On CityEdit

Jake 2

  • District leader of the City Central District
  • One of two Vampire species leaders
  • Anarch Baron
  • Helped the city destroy a Sabbat Plot
  • Member of the Oligarchy for over two years
  • Patron of the Arts