• Played by Realworldweirdo
  • Character created: September 2009
  • Current, never retired
  • Character sheet


I've been writing fiction, in novel format, for years but had never done any literary roleplaying. After a serious car accident in August 2009 in which I sustained some brain damage, and while heavily medicated on some absolutely amazing painkillers, Billiam talked me into joining him in Infusco. I needed a character, of course, and somewhere in the haze of hydrocodone, hydromorphone, and a cocktail of muscle relaxers and sundry other painkillers Conner was born. Not sure how I managed that, given that I was semifunctional to the point of not being able to manage stairs, and typing with one hand, but there he is.

He was created to take part in the warehouse raid plot as brute muscle, but somehow managed to turn out neurotic enough that his character keeps gaining depth and complexity, mostly through awkward bursts of psychological recovery and relapse. He's my most often-used character, partially because I never really know how he's going to react to any given situation and he's capable of extreme violence without even standing up.

Influence On CityEdit

  • Founded and leads the City Ward
  • Spent several years as the head of the Oligarchy's spy division
  • Co-founder of the city's first institute of supernatural education
  • Common unintentional instigator of strong political tensions