• Played by Satyr
  • Picture used: Thomas Andreasen, Model
  • Thom10

    Ben Samson (Satyr)

    Character Created: 8 April 2006.
  • Reached 100 roleplays on 16 September 2012.


Commentary by Satyr

I hadn't had a plan for Ben at the start.  I'd thrown him into a roleplay for Existentially Odd with only a single thought about him: Obsessive.  He was obsessed about becoming a vampire.  All the backstory, issues and motives came later (though fairly quickly).  There's even an OOC comment I'd written in his first post:

[ooc] Throwing in what could be a disposable charrie or a new one, depending on how this one goes, testing the waters [/ooc]

Ben has become my most complex and oft-used character.  I love him the most, he is my favourite creation.  I think the secret of his success is due to his determination.  It was a character facet for a strong-minded character, and everything else just fell into place.

Influence On CityEdit

  • Gave the idea to Lazarus how to kill Halen, then Luminary of the Oligarchy
  • Was the reason Kerr and Lazarus fought, which resulted in a mutiny of city leadership
  • Was fledge and romantic partner to the Luminary (Kerr Galvin) and learned political movements
  • Partial cause for the Mimic Demons leaving the Infusco plane of existence
  • Partial cause for the Luminary's disappearance
  • Financial backer for an academy toward shared supernatural knowledge, via Conner Iessan